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Treasure Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow, LIVE Today at Full Steam Ahead

by Warren Longmire

When you think happy thoughts, and share gratitude, things seem to go easier, faster and with more fun.

An attitude of gratitude will keep your heart healthier than running a mile a day. Joy comes from giving when it is unexpected, with no desire for compensation. The habit of giving random acts of kindness usually gets more rewards than planned acts.

When you smile while others are frowning, everyone wonders what you know that they do not. Smiles in the heart always show on the face. Have you ever tried to frown back at someone smiling? Feels stupid, does it not?

We are creatures of habit, doing things with prior thought or planning. I think it was Ben Franklin who said, “I think folks are about as happy as they want to be.” So, let us put a smile on our face and watch the world change it’s attitude toward us. It always makes my heart beat more regularly.


Thanks to Warren Longmire, who recently shared his story for our upcoming Lessons From Self Esteem book. To share your best self-esteem story, lesson or tip for Lessons From Self Esteem click here.


Warren was born in Hearne, Texas and currently practices family medicine in Hitchcock, Texas, where he attends Our Lady of Lourdes church, and serves on many boards – giving time and talent back to the community.



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