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Designing a Future Marked by High Self-Esteem

| June 28, 2013 | 0 Comments

Studies show that more than 85% of the world’s population suffers from some degree of diminished self-worth. For most people who lack a positive self-image, the future looks like a mere extension of their troubled past – their expectation of what is to be is consistent with what has been, with a slight and predictable level of improvement. Because of their lacking self-esteem, most are resigned to a life that lacks the excitement and passion characterizing the lives of those who feel worthy of tapping into the best things life has to offer. People who possess a positive self-image typically have an optimistic expectation of what is ahead of them, and as a result they realize this expectation as a self-fulfilling prophesy.

In contrast to the state of resignation that typifies those with diminished self-esteem, consider the possibility that the future lives as the realization of a promise – a promise you make to yourself and to the world. The future will result from your expectations, and the quality of your future will be impacted by the commitment you have for it. It lives as a possibility. In other words, you get to invent it. In fact, you are the sole designer and architect of what is to be, and the result will be entirely consistent with your expectation and your self-image.

Our future will be directly related to what we expect for it to be. If we doubt our self-worth, and expect our future lives to be worse than our current situation, we will sabotage ourselves into making it turn out into a self-fulfilling prophesy. If we limit our expectations, and plan on more of the same results we have experienced to date, our apathy will generate a future consistent with this expectation. To the contrary, if we believe in ourselves, and our expectation is that our future will be better than our present situation, self-motivation will lead to actions that will bring about the positive outcome we envision.

If we feel good about ourselves, and expect to live happy, fulfilled, and successful lives, we will take the actions consistent with realizing that expectation. We will therefore generate the opportunities that will result in rich relationships, abundance, and joy being attracted to our lives – because we believe we deserve it, and act on this belief.

We get what we expect, and attract prosperity or lack joy or sorrow. We have rewarding relationships or angry, frustrating ones – all as a result of whether or not we feel worthy. Just as we can doubt our abilities to succeed, and our worthiness for attracting rewarding friends and intimate relationships, we can instead choose to take full responsibility for expecting all aspects of our lives to be the way we want them to turn out. When we come from this positive mindset, and commit to manifesting our dream lives, we put forth an energy that attracts all the things we desire to us.

Realize that you are, consciously or unconsciously, attracting everything that shows up in your life to you. If where you are in life, the relationships you have attracted to you, your physical, financial, emotional and spiritual states, are not what you desire, decide now to alter your course. Decide that you deserve better. Get in touch with the erroneous decisions you made at an early age that impacted your self-esteem. Reframe how you see yourself, and resolve to act from a declaration of who you are (just because you say so). Instead of the unlovable, somehow defective or unworthy image you made up or bought into long ago, you now have a self-loving individual.

Change your expectations. Design a life plan consistent with your newly formed image. Make requests of those who can support your efforts in some way. The future exists for each of us as a possibility. When we do the necessary work to complete our troubled past, and put the self-interpretations that do not support us behind, we can courageously decide to design our future lives deliberately to be in alignment with joy, abundance, fun, fulfillment, and self-love.

When we train ourselves to first expect positive results, and then to act in accordance with what we expect, we set the stage for a bright and promising tomorrow. We have the personal power to create our future on purpose. The future can unfold out of our declaration of how we see ourselves and what we expect it to be like to the extent that we take responsibility to expect great things in our lives. We ensure we give off positive, attractive, loving energy, and then get into action to bring about our expectations. We will be the force behind the realization of a rewarding, happy future, characterized by soaring self-esteem.

So, my challenge for you today is to write out a clear and specific vision of exactly what your life will be like – in every area, including your relationships, health, wealth and finances, occupation, recreation and social life, and personal and spiritual development.

Commit to resolving any past issues that continue to erode how you feel about yourself. I wrote “The Self-Esteem Book” and the accompanying “The Self-Esteem Workbook” to support you to learn the tools that will allow you to reinvent your life and how you see yourself. When you realize that you have the power to transform your world and enhance the quality of experiences you attract to you, you will begin to act upon opportunities for manifesting joy, fulfillment, abundance, success, and meaningful relationships. There are no accidents.

You are reading this article now because you have attracted the opportunity to take a significant step forward. Seize the chance, and begin to look for the countless opportunities to impact your life all around you on a daily basis. Transformation begins with the intention to look for opportunities that can make a difference in your life, and then taking bold, focused action in the direction of your vision. All that it takes is courage to begin the process of restoring your personal magnificence, and a commitment to consistent awareness and effective actions.


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